Thursday, August 4, 2011

Places We Have Been

(Originally posted Aug. 13, 2009)

These are days worth saving.

Pieces of time,
like pockets-
ready to be filled,
with moments
and memories
and the magnificence
of life.

These are a charm bracelet of days
waiting to be worn-
adorned with
and trinkets
and tenderness-
Strung into a circle of sunshine
and smiles
and sparkling summer stars.

These are days worth saving.

Days that we must
and master.
Days that we must not let pass
until they are plump
with prayers
and promises...
and places we have been.


  1. The challenge is to make every day a day to remember.

  2. each day is a gift of God, we choose what to do with it.. I have so many memories of special days, my marriage, my first born, 2nd born, third born, fourth born,, burying my 3rd born. burying the love of my life, my husband 4 yrs ago. But those memories are all tucked away deep in my soul. I bring one out ever so often to dwell on it, then put it back into the safe place it should be.. I adore and love the memories my other 3 children and theiri children have given me over time,, what a treasure. I will keep making new memories now, someday they will be stored away, but for now i enjoy each day as a gift and i love making memories.

  3. Yes! Beautiful poem about really living and cherishing the moment!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Hope this works so I can comment.....if not I give up!


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